Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's play Catch Up!

Hello my fellow bloggers!
I have been incredibly busy due to roller derby taking over my life.

first thing's first.
This summer has been incredibly stressful because my boyfriend of 3 years is moving in just two weeks...
yes he is moving away from me and no, I am not going with him.
This will be really really different! It will be absolutely crazy not having him there when I need him or the other way around. So I have been busy helping him plan, pack, go through things, etc.

I also came to a realization that Roller Derby is MUCH too demanding for a full time college student and an aspiring part time worker ;)
3 practices a week, a fundraiser every weekend...just not my cup of tea.
so with that said and done, I decided to let the girl's know that it takes up too much time... especially when I'll be back at school and my grades come before anything!

another thing I've been trying to accomplish is finding a job!
I have been filling out application after application!
FINALLY today I got a call from target and I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so excited!
So, I have an interview tomorrow at 10 am *wish me luck*

Sorry for this random post, I just thought I'd let all of you know how busy I am!
If I were to get graded on my blog, I'd for sure receive an F!
more to come soon! I'll let you all know how my interview goes!

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