Friday, June 25, 2010

These are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS!

I've been in a fantastic mood all day. Nothing bad has happened, and I'm really optimistic. So I thought it would be fun to do a "favorite things" blog. I went around my house taking pictures of everything that I like about it... here we go

This is definitely one of my favorite things about my house. OUR KITCHEN BOOTH(no not the horrific picture of the chicken in the background). Our house was built in 1947, and it is all original as far as the kitchen goes, which is something I've always loved, every since I could remember. We just recently had the cushions re-upholstered because they were yellow originally, and they were really dirty looking. Also, that light that's hanging from the ceiling, still works, and is adjustable. I used to sit there every night and do my homework.. now I sit there every morning, and drink my coffee :)

This mirror is what I have in my bathroom. I got it from a thrift store and immediately fell in love with it. It's so... so.. "mirror mirror on the wall" looking. I could see it being the mirror that a Disney princess would have in her house. Anyway, I got it for $9.99, and it really "makes" my bathroom, if you know what I mean. ... just another one of my favorite things :-)

This is one of my ULTIMATE favorite things. My hot pink, vintage, catalina swimsuit. Oh how I love it! I recently did a photoshoot with it for a local calendar for the month of August. It was gorgeous and makes you look so tan! and OH SO flattering. I bought it two years ago while on vacation visiting family in Oklahoma, and I insisted we visit Tulsa, because I knew there would be some good little vintage shops. I SCORED! I bought the swimsuit for 20 bucks. It has no tears, no wholes, no threads loose, the tag is still there and it has no stains or yellowing.

I think I'm the only 18 year old girl that would beg her mom to buy her a cupcake shaped canister. Sometimes I think something is wrong with me. Anywho, this isn't vintage, but I love how much it resembles a vintage treasure. It's one of those things that sits in the kitchen, and every time I walk by it, I smile. Can't wait til I have a kitchen of my own and I can display it proudly on my counter :) Other than that, anything cupcake is cute in my book!

I love love love my record collection. It includes my favorite bands, old and new. Anywhere from The Cramps to Johnny cash to The Smiths. But what good are records if you don't have a 1950's record player to go with them?

This sweater clip is really special to me, because it belonged to my great grandma. (my dad's mom's mom ;]) Christmas morning in 2009, I opened up a jewelry box and it had this, and my great grandma's cat eye glasses. Best Christmas present I ever received.! Thank you so much Grandma Brenda! I'm sure my great grandma Nona would be SO proud to see me wear her sweater clips out and about.

well there you have it. Those were a few of MY favorite things. Hopefully I've inspired some of you, and you'll make a blog about YOUR favorite things. I'd love to see them!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

losing a dog is never easy

"There's just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home; they're thrilled to see you. They're good for the ego."

-Janet Schulman

I'll admit it, I'm a total animal lover and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Right in the middle of my crazy, hectic, chaotic life (yes, all three of those adjectives describe my life), my dog got sick. Poor thing wasn't eating right, and was having problems going to the... err.. using the... GRASS! We had made our assumptions and thought it was just constipation! NO BIG DEAL, we'll take him to the vet and gethim medicine tomorrow!........

Well, a few weeks passed and he STILL wasn't doing good, and had lost a noticeable amount of weight. So finally we took him to the vet. (I really hate going to the vet, it seems like no matter how good of health your dog is in, there's always some randomlife threatening disease he/she has UNLESS you pay $9,000.00 and then there's a chance he/she might possibly, could very well be saved. It's ridiculous!) $600.00 and some ex-rays later, the vet comes in and tells us she's 95% sure my dog has cancer of the kidneys. Turns out his kidneys were swollen to DOUBLE the size of a normal dog's kidneys, therefore pushing on his colon making him feel the urge to push. So we basically waited it out, forced him to eat whole chicken breast and rice, and just babied the living crap out of him.

we finally came to the realization that he was having more bad days than good, and he just wasn't feeling good at all. At first when we found out he was sick, he didn't act sick. It was almost as if he was trying to NOT act sick. I could tell he was like, "OH DEAR LORD, PLEASE OWNERS, DON'T PUT ME TO SLEEP! IM GOOD! SEE I STILL RUN AT THE PARK!", and a month later he was like, "PLEASE, OWNERS, DON'T MAKE ME GET OFF MY NICE BED EVEN THOUGH IT'S COVERED IN URINE BECAUSE MY KIDNEYS ARE BLEEDING INTERNALLY". oh my poor poor baby! His last days were not the best... there was a lot of urine leakage.

$500.00 worth of whole white chicken breast, an entire urine-soaked couch, and an entire prescription of dog pain medicine later, we realized that the time had come. The time that all dog owners/lovers DREAD from the very first day they lay eyes on their precious wagging puppy. The day to put your loved dog to rest.

when the day came, I couldn't look my dog in theeye. I felt as if I was betraying him. I washed him and put his leash on him and told him, "OH YOU'RE A GOOD BOY AND I'LL MISS YOU!" as I walked inside and sat on our new couch, I watched out the window and saw my big grown up brothers and my older-middle aged dad loading our family dog in the bag of the truck, wiping their tears. I could see that the dog knew the end was near, and he was tired in his eyes. But the main thing I noticed is that my brothers were just kids when we got our dog, and my dad was a young, middle aged man. It wasn't so much that I was destroyed by putting our dog to sleep, but that I realized all things come to an end. It was almost like that chapter in my life had closed. I used to paint that dogs toenails hot pink, and my brother would get so mad because he wanted a "COOL PIT BULL" and "COOL PIT BULLS" do not have hot pink toenails! I remember him pulling my brother down the street on the skateboard. I remember getting scared at night and bringing my dogin my bed because he was big, and would bite any burglars trying to break in!

all things come to an end, so new things may begin.

that's the way I'm going to look at it.


I'm not really sure why I thought it was so hilarious to dress him up. But there I am.. around 12 years old, making him wear a cowboy hat. I probably would've bit me if I were him.

My apologies for the depressing blog! There will be no more, I promise! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Way too long of a break..

I have taken WAY too long of a break from blogging! MY APOLOGIES everyone!
I forgot my password =[ (some blogger I am)
I have also been incredibly too busy to do anything, I even had to take a break from roller derby in order to get my normal life back on track since my family has soaked up every extra second I get...

Anywho, Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Bakersfield, CA because it wasn't scorching hot! :) Normally around this time of year it's at least 102 degrees and as soon as you walk outside your front door you feel like your shoes are starting to melt to the cement. We've been hitting record lows of 80 degrees in mid June, and I am sooo thankful for that! So I figured what better way to enjoy the weather than go to the park and have a picnic lunch with the boyfriend?!
here are some pics
^ that is my goose walk :)

and that was today..... p.s. why do I look like such an angry driver?!