Thursday, June 17, 2010

Way too long of a break..

I have taken WAY too long of a break from blogging! MY APOLOGIES everyone!
I forgot my password =[ (some blogger I am)
I have also been incredibly too busy to do anything, I even had to take a break from roller derby in order to get my normal life back on track since my family has soaked up every extra second I get...

Anywho, Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Bakersfield, CA because it wasn't scorching hot! :) Normally around this time of year it's at least 102 degrees and as soon as you walk outside your front door you feel like your shoes are starting to melt to the cement. We've been hitting record lows of 80 degrees in mid June, and I am sooo thankful for that! So I figured what better way to enjoy the weather than go to the park and have a picnic lunch with the boyfriend?!
here are some pics
^ that is my goose walk :)

and that was today..... p.s. why do I look like such an angry driver?!

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