Saturday, March 20, 2010


So, today was one of those extremely busy days, but NEVER too busy to squeeze in some vintage shopping am i right? since I don't have a cell phone, my boyfriend calls me and tells me my best friend needs to tell me something important. So I call her up and she says, "Oh my gosh! Destiny! there is a yard sale I saw on my walk around my neighborhood and you HAVE to come out here! This lady's garage and back yard is FULL of vintage clothes!". Even though my best friend lives about 30 minutes away, I made the trip out there even though I had a roller derby meeting scheduled for 6 o'clock and this was around 4:30 in the afternoon!
The entire way there I'm hoping that this lady is still selling because by 4:30 pm yard sales are usually way past done.
We get there, and it was like heaven! I've never been to a yard sale quite like it. Usually yard sales around bakersfield are pure and utter JUNK. even JUNK for me! and I'm a total pack rat!
they had vintage lingerie, dresses, cat eye glasses, whole sets of dishes, shoes, hankies, scarves, bras, robes, slips! the list goes on and on.
we barged on in, and she told us that her sale was closed to the public, but she was nice enough to let us look through her treasures anyways!

I snapped a few shots and this lady thought I was crazy.
She was from San Diego, and couldn't quite understand why a young girl like me found so much interest in her mom's "old junk".

so i picked out 3 dresses and a garter belt and she was nice enough to hold the items for a broke college student like myself

so glad to have a great, vintage loving best friend!

i tried to make the pictures at the end of my blog, but I'm blog-stupid. any ideas?


  1. you lucky ducky! I would KILL to find a yard sale like that around here. There are a lot of antique pottery sales around here but most of the clothes end up being bought by the antique shops before I can get ther *le sigh* Great finds! Love that last little pink sun dress!

    Oh and you can move your pictures around by dragging them..or you can add the pictures first and then the typing. ;)

  2. bad bad bad news! those dresses were all too small in the chest. =[
    i need a breast reduction! and the sad part is, my boobs aren't even that big! size C no big deal.
    BUT i did find some more amazing things i bought, but that is for another blog

  3. Hi there thanks for following me :) I love your blog so far, very cool style.
    I'm so jealous that you came across this! We don't really have things like that over here :(
    Lottie x