Saturday, March 20, 2010

cat eye glasses

So, I previously blogged about an amazing all vintage/antique yard sale i went to yesterday afternoon.... and.... I WENT BACK! that woman must have thought I was psycho.
Unfortunately I tried the dresses on that I had saved, and they all zipped up until you got to the middle of my back. =[ whomp whomp whomp =[ my chest is too big. never thought that would have been a problem, but apparently you can't have a big chest in little clothing.
I was so sad to put the dresses back, BUT then i found all of the things i posted.
Vintage pearls, vintage ray ban cat eyes with the case included and NOT a scratch on them! I am amazed at the condition they are in! and am so thankful to finally find a pair after searching and searching (I'm really picky about the way glasses look on me).

The woman wanted $25 dollars for the glasses alone, so I found a scarf, the glasses, the pearls, and that vintage parasol and said WILL $20 BUCKS DO?
and she said,

oh I was so thrilled!

p.s. she wasn't sure if the pearls were real or not, and i can hardly tell. I'm pretty sure that they are because I compared them in weight to a real pearl necklace i have and they feel similar. This may be a stupid question BUT, what is the best way to tell if pearls are real or not?


  1. Wow!The glasses are amazing!fake pearls have a pearl finish on them that flakes off.

  2. the pearl necklace is real! and i got it for next to nothing!!!!

  3. ooh I hate having a big chest. I never had a problem with "the girls" until I gained weight...apparently it all went to my bra and my bum. HA.

    Great finds! I had a pair of glasses similar to those that I sold on etsy for $45 without a case...they were too small for my giant head or I would've kept them since I bought them for myself initially.

    What is the parasol made of? Bamboo and silk? Does it have any painting on it?

  4. Such beautiful things!
    Gutted that the dresses weren't the right fit, that's the only thing about vintage when it's so pretty and then doesn't fit, makes me sad!
    Lottie x

  5. the parasol is made of bamboo and paper. and it's plain white. that's what i liked about it, i have a few with flowers painted on, but i liked the fact that this one was so plain. and it was only $1!

  6. I know this is a little late, but just thought I'd add that a good quick way to test if pearls are real is to bite them. I know it sounds completely barbaric, but you just have to put the bead lightly in your teeth. Real pearls will have a grainy texture.